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Personalized Consumer Products

Looking for a customized solution? We are right here for your service. Just send us some rough ideas by mail and we check, whether it fits into our capabilities.

Email Agent – the other way to control
  • Mailbox Service Assistant
  • Install it, use it – that easy
  • Safe preview of new senders
  • Easy Spam avoiding
  • Controls 5 – 100 accounts


Global Production Control Programs
  • Monitor & Supervise productions worldwide
  • In real time – direct from your office desk
  • Cloud based, works without installation
  • Highly flexible, simple set-up to your needs
  • Out of the box – always ready
High end cosmetic products
Made in Germany
  • OEM productions in flexible quantities
  • Produced in accordance to the latest EU regulations
  • Development & research laboratories
  • Small quantities welcome

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Please mail your project description, so that we can check the possibilities upfront first and get back to you with some ideas as soon as possible. Thanks